child slavery

On October 13, 2016, 913 days after their April 14, 2014 abduction by Boko Haram, 21 of the 276 school girls kidnapped from their school in Chibok, Nigeria were released to the Nigerian government by Boko Haram. The Nigerian government contends that the release followed "painstaking" brokered negotiations by the Swiss government on behalf of Nigeria and members of Boko Haram, the world's deadliest terror group.
20. Although the U.S. now has strict laws in place prohibiting child labor, there are loopholes - like the one that allows
It would help deal with issues related to child labor, slavery and marriage, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said.
During a recent trip to my home town of Verrettes, I noticed a small girl walking alone in my neighborhood. Though I didn't realize it then, my life changed in that instant. She carried a heavy load on her head and looked malnourished.
A slavery survivor from Haiti shared a grizzly account of her childhood in restavèk domestic servitude.
When Kailash Satyarthi was 26 years old, he left his career as an electrical engineer to pursue a more pressing challenge
The Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking advocacy group, points out that in the U.S., runaway and homeless youth, and victims
“We visit children at home and explain to their parents why school is important," Payal, who wants to become a teacher some
While many believe slavery is an issue of the past, it remains a real, yet largely hidden, problem. An estimated 35.8 million
Major league athletes are known for what they do on the field, but my work off the field is important to me too. In fact, if I'm going to be known for anything, I'd like to be known for what I did for other people.
If I can succeed in raising my 10-year old daughter to be aware of the plight of children and to understand that she can be a part of a global solution seeking community, then perhaps I would have made the greatest contribution to the future.
About 1.1 billion people, or 15 percent of the human race, depends upon killing our living planet for their daily livelihood.
Crashing wildlife populations and social conflict are frightening enough on their own, so you could be forgiven for finding connections between the two a bit of a downer. But this dark cloud has a silver lining.
On African cocoa farms, children are frequently forced to work from 6 a.m. until the evening. They're made to live in windowless sheds and subjected to beatings and whippings for working slowly or attempting to escape.
In her new book, Carol Off, a Canadian journalist, successfully unwraps the dark history of chocolate.
(Katrina Gilbert photo courtesy of Zeen Klein & photographer Jeffrey Holmes) The struggle itself towards the heights is enough
In fact, sexual exploitation is about six times more profitable than other forms of modern day slavery. They exist in almost
Learn more about Made In A Free World's efforts on its website. A campaign by Made in a Free World, an organization on a
A proposal to eradicate slavery by the year 2100 is one that makes more sense. It gives time to institutionalize solutions and allows them to germinate organically.