child stars

To the surprise of many, the pop star is still standing and riding a streak of three straight #1 hits
His group of friends was known as "The Pussy Posse."
The younger cast seems like part of an unfortunate trend -- especially, but not exclusively in the dance world -- of emphasizing child celebrities.
I truly think everyone should only come out on their own accord and when they are ready. I've always said I believe that it's an actor's choice whether or not to divulge.
Suzanne Redfearn's novel, No Ordinary Life, explores the age-old question: what price are you willing to pay for fame. But she does so with a twist: how much would you be willing to let your children pay?
Sometimes the media and members of society lock in on an image of an entertainer at a certain part of their career's and
Kudos to Drew Barrymore for her candid and revealing self-portrait in Wildflower, her compelling new book. Wildflower should be required reading for parents with children interested in pursuing a career in music and entertainment.
If there is anyone deserving of the title "National Treasure," its Diana Serra Cary. The almost 97 year old former actress is the last living silent film star. She is also an author of four well regarded works of film history.