child tax credit

The only hope for restoring the child benefit appears to be bipartisan negotiations with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah).
The American Rescue Plan lifted 4 million children out of poverty. This legislation didn’t simply make life a little easier for some Americans. It saved lives.
Romney has given Democrats their best hope of resurrecting the enhanced child tax credit.
New research adds to a growing pile of evidence the policy made life easier for parents.
New research suggests good policy — reducing child poverty — might also be good politics.
In December, the child tax credit lifted nearly 4 million children out of poverty. If it had been extended through 2022, it would have cut child poverty nearly in half.
A new study shows child poverty increased 40% in January after the monthly payments lapsed because of congressional inaction.
The monthly child tax credit payments have stopped, but parents can still receive as much as $1,800 per child as a tax refund.
They urged Sen. Joe Manchin to back the credit, which he has refused to do.
Democrats are taking tiny steps toward a compromise on a key part of the stalled Build Back Better Act.