childhood allergies

Children with asthma, hay fever or eczema are at higher risk for heart disease.
While my son is a child with food allergies, I on the other hand, know that I am one of those allergy-moms. The reason for the distinction is because it seems to me that kids are more accepting of food allergies than adults are.
My son, Eden, was three years old before he revealed the limits of his lungs (read: allergic asthma.) It happened after what already seemed like a lifetime of severe food allergies.
Only eleven people died from food allergies in 2005, the last year for which we have data available. More people died from lawnmower accidents.
I had been raised to support the system, to believe in it, and certainly to never speak out. Activism was something that "radicals" did, not conservative soccer moms. But everywhere I turned, there were sick children.
Government report links extreme weather to global warming, traffic pollution to childhood allergies, Denver Police stockpiling pepper weapons and Rumsfeld got torture advice from Army psychologists.