childhood domestic violence

Her mom called Bresha Meadows a "hero" for saving the family.
This April, I was inside a high security prison. The plan was to talk to the men there about the work does and to educate them on the connection between childhood adversities and the potential impact. While I believe I educated them, they also educated me. Here is what I learned.
What your children would tell you if they knew You can share with your children that you experienced CDV without feeling
I explained that, yes, child abuse IS a big problem, but that it's not our specific focus. I then thought to myself, "Why is it that Childhood Domestic Violence is often confused with physical child abuse?"
ven by simply using the term "CDV," you are making a difference.
Just because you grow up doesn't mean you automatically unlearn the negative beliefs or the LIES you learned in that house
The adults who experienced Childhood Domestic Violence are key We must provide the adults who experienced Childhood Domestic
Though it worked for them, discovering your own unique and unintended gifts doesn't have to involve going to the gym. But