childhood hunger

Hunger isn't just a global issue.
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Our children are the most vulnerable and least responsible for the situation they are in. Whatever their parents have done right or wrong, it is in our national self-interest to ensure children survive and thrive.
One out of four children in North Florida is affected by poverty and lives in a food insecure home. Despite programs that offer free and low-cost meals, afterschool snacks and food stamps to target hunger, there is still a significant number of families that are struggling to put food on the table.
643,000 children in Illinois are food insecure according to Bob Dolgan of Illinois No Kid Hungry. The Greater Chicago Food Depository provided 67 millions pounds of food in response to this need in Chicago last year.
The cost of living continues to rise at a significant pace in New York City and poverty is most severe among households with children. According to the Self-Sufficiency Standard Report, 42% of all New York households do not have enough income to meet their basic needs.
Research just published in Nature Neuroscience shows that children from low-income families have smaller brains and lower cognitive abilities. Of everything unfair about being poor in rich America, this is possibly the most unfair, unkindest cut of all.