Today, the poor kids in Philadelphia -- and in many other American cities -- are doomed to fail. This is shameful, because we know what to do.
The transformation of the meaning of "apple" is emblematic of a serious health crisis in our nation.
Our leaders must recognize the corrosive effects of poverty, but also realize there are tens of millions of Republican and Democratic citizens alike who stand ready to tackle this issue. And citizens need small amounts to make a big difference.
Education is the key equalizer to children achieving their potential. A lack of education contributes to an undertrained and unprepared workforce which can lead to poverty and dependence.
Sitting at that bus stop I now realized that God's first calling for me to serve poor and at-risk youth took place when He used the kindness of that woman to show me what grace looks like.
Let us touch with love the inevitable suffering in our lives, and in the lives of those we meet. Let us tend with tender mercy that which is dying in us and in our world.