Childhood Vaccinations

If the bill passes, Maine would become the fourth state to end religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions.
A significant number of parents at North Carolina's Asheville Waldorf School have expressed religious objections to vaccines.
Mia Lobo was looking forward to her preschool graduation. She never made it.
The state has seen a huge rise in non-medical vaccine exemptions since 2003.
Up to 650,000 people in the world die from seasonal flu each year. This is much higher than the often-used numbers of 250,000
When it comes to flu shots, African-Americans have trust issues. Misconceptions about the effectiveness and trepidation about
Having spent my career dealing with the scientific complexities of developing and delivering vaccines to people  of all ages
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Brian S. Koll, MD Recently retired as Executive Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control, Mount Sinai Health
  For me, age has always just been a number. Yes I am getting older, but I continue to sing, tour, cook, and spend time with
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Co-authored by: Carolyn Miles, CEO, Save the Children (US); Lisa Bonadonna, Global Head, Access to Medicines, GSK; David
The death rate has dropped 84 percent in 16 years, but we still have a long way to go to eliminate the virus.
Why vaccines are simply one of the best tools to build stronger communities and economies.
If confirmed, thousands of children are now at risk for deadly diseases.
These data “blindspots” not only undervalue the potential of women and girls, they make it harder to evaluate policies intended to improve their welfare in society.