After one of them almost died from a fertility-related procedure, this couple decided that enough was enough.
We are women. We are people. We are not “less” in any way.
A recent study shows the decision is a conscious, ongoing conversation.
You’ll begin to feel like totally different people. Because you are.
My body carried five babies I never had the privilege to bring to term. I also gave birth to two. One who died at age 14, and one who's chosen to live her life without my side of the family or me. So while I am biologically a mother, I'm functionally a "childless mother" on Mother's Day.
I'm all about women supporting and empowering other women, and when it comes to this topic, I often feel a divide.
Cutting greenhouse gas emissions from our personal carbon footprint will put all of us in some new, and potentially uncomfortable, situations as we move to more sustainable lifestyles. While it's culturally acceptable to go green in the lightbulb and light transit categories, other conversations remain marginalized.
I have no kids. Looking back on it, I see that my childlessness resulted from a combination of circumstances and nature -- but also some unfortunate decisions on my part. Or rather, the lack of decision. Sometimes inaction turns into a decision in itself.
Did you know that there is an International Childfree Day? First celebrated on August 1, 2013, its purpose is to recognize "amazing childfree people and their lives," and to "foster the acceptance of the childfree choice in today's society."