What is it like to be childless as a Jew, when the very first Jewish commandment is to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28) and scripture likens the childless to the dead? What is it like to be childless in Israel, a country that values children above all, as a supreme value?
For women in the Otherhood, the term I introduced in my book of the same name for those who aren't part of the expected social norm of marriage and motherhood, whether by choice, or like me, by circumstance, our friendships are key.
What is criminal about a childless woman wanting to have a meal without the distraction of children? There are countless venues that cater for children and carry the child-friendly tag.
Besides, we've got too many other important issues that do deserve our attention. Like gluten and whether or not bacon is
I married when I was forty. It was amazing at that age how many people asked me if we were going to have children. 'No,' I'd say, 'We're not having children.' What is amazing to me now is that I thought I was lying. Keeping a secret. Of course we would have children. Forty is still young.
Meghan Daum joins HuffPost Live to discuss her book abut people’s decisions not to have kids.
Why is the word 'childless' unacceptable? It screeches of loss or tragedy, even sterility. At best it's offensive to those who have chosen not to have children, and at worst it's grotesquely insensitive to those permitted no choice.
Babies are born from the womb. Maternity is born from the soul. There are many ways to "mother" a child. Aunthood is as close as it gets.
When those of us who are childless by circumstance -- and the majority of childless women want or wanted children within the context of a relationship -- don't speak honestly about our experience, we continue to remain the silent majority.
I have an impossible wish this Mother's Day. I wish the holiday could somehow honor a group of women to which I once belonged, and for whom the day is particularly difficult.
Is there ever a moment when you can scan the sociocultural horizon, take in all the tragedy, joy, violence and breathtaking absurdity of the world, and say, "Honey! The world is radiant and the Earth isn't completely tortured at the hand of heartless mega-corporations! Get those pants off!"
We expected we'd have the social, economic and political equality our mothers didn't have, but the family they did. Here we are, among the most well-educated, most successful women in America, wondering how our choice to wait for the right relationship has left us single and childless.
A moment after the premiere, I happened to run into Valeria in the bathroom, chatting away and leaning on her supportive
We remember the women with many children, young children, a child who has recently died, those who have experienced miscarriage, infertility or painful births, those who have broken relationships with children and women who have not experienced motherhood at all.
I know what some of you may say: Have a baby on your own; adopt; foster. And a few of you may say: Sorry, lady, you should have thought of that earlier. You're just too old. But I want to be a mother.
Whereas the focus of this study was childless adults who wanted kids, it's important to note that not all people without
I know you are tired, moms. I know you are overworked, I know you want to tell us for how long you were in labor and I feel for you, I do. But please stop scaring me, because if I do decide to join you, apparently these will be my last days of solitary, flavored yogurt-eating, judgment-free fun.
I know what you're thinking. I can read it on your face... the distracted smile, the unconvincing nod, the slightly furrowed brow... You're trying to figure out what's wrong with me.