I harbor so much over what happened, even though it was an accident.
I lost my daughter a year and half ago, and I still consider my grief to be very new. But every time I meet up with a friend or see family, their reactions to my pain surprises me.
You never want to see your children in pain or struggle. She is the strongest 7-year-old that I know and one of the bravest. She is what kept me going every day when I just wanted to give up. I hate that this has changed who she is; I only hope that she won't let it define her.
The anxiety of the looming holidays can be downright debilitating. Surviving it can often feel virtually impossible. Just remember, all you have to do is survive, and you get to decide how you'll best do that. Here is what has helped me survive the holidays these past six years as a bereaved parent. Keyword: survive.