children and guns

The 2-year-old grabbed a gun his mom's boyfriend had left in the car.
All three shootings occurred within Harris County, within the greater Houston metropolitan area. In response to the tragedies
In the new editions, Little Red Riding Hood has an Uzi and blows the head off the wolf. Snow White aims her Uzi at the dwarves and gives them 30 minutes to vacate the premises. Goldilocks offs the three bears and then goes back to sleep.
WASHINGTON -- Less than two days after a 9-year-old girl in Arizona accidentally shot and killed a gun range instructor who
Published back in 2011, My Parents Open Carry caught a new wave of attention this week, including a shout-out on "The Colbert
Seventy percent of kids under age 10 knew where their parents stored their guns, even when they were hidden. When curious kids and their siblings or friends find those guns, the results can be tragic.
There are gaping holes when it comes to regulating the misuse of guns by children. Much more can be done to keep the young away from guns -- at both ends of the barrel.
As for Facebook, the site does have a policy concerning prohibited content. It specifies that ads and sponsored stories can't
Syndicated talk show host Bert Weiss, who also appeared on the segment, said he spent 15 years trying to convince his wife