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It took a second for the gun to accidentally go off, weeks for Florida to pass a law to keep guns out of children’s hands
Physicians need to ask patients if they lock away their guns for the same reason they ask patients whether their children are constrained while sitting in the car.
June 4, 1998 began as a routine day. I kissed three-year-old Markie and my five-year-old daughter Jennifer goodbye as I took my two older girls to school. A day that began so normally ended with heartbreak and pain that I still can't begin to explain.
"The boys were playing, and as I understand it... trying to figure out if the gun was loaded. And the gun went off while
Citing Madenci's research, NBC News writes that 80 percent of the gun injuries were inflicted by handguns. "Between 1997
Police tell the Post-Tribune Grisham was living in trailer with the boy’s mother. It was unclear if the mother was present
The Rollin 30s Crips is a "multi-generational gang" with up to 1,000 members, according to the FBI. It is considered one
There are gaping holes when it comes to regulating the misuse of guns by children. Much more can be done to keep the young away from guns -- at both ends of the barrel.
Gun safety "There is a deterrent effect," Erbin said. Fortunately, the teacher and another campus employee were able to convince
It could have been just the one. That's where it starts. That's all it takes. Just one man who says a gun will not define his manhood. Just one football player who says his life, and the lives of his loved ones, mean more than machismo.
Starbucks has punted where other retailers have posted "No Guns Allowed" signs. It disregards the rights of customers to be free of fear, violence and intimidation while purchasing lattes.