Children in Need

The idea is simple. The Crayon Collection works to create a social shift with our children, build an awareness from a young age, and instills the concepts of collection, reallocation, and stopping wastefulness.
As 2015 comes to a close, I look around the world and see children -- much like Nathalie was --who have so much potential but need our support to realize it. From the rebuilding efforts in Nepal to the growing migrant crisis in Eastern Europe, children need us now more than ever.
What kind of world do you want for 2030? The famed Staten Island PS22 Chorus answers in word and song.
Spreading holiday cheer means more than giving gifts -- it's also about giving back. Chronically Ill Mom Forced To Choose
Officially launched as a nonprofit in 2006, There Really Is a Santa recorded its biggest holiday season last year, helping
Underemployment is expensive in dollars and even more costly in terms of its impact on children of under-employed parents. We need to make discussing and addressing this imperfect imbalance a priority.
Richard Hudgins is braving the weather with his barefeet to raise money for children who don’t have shoes. He’s promised to go without shoes for an entire year, even when it gets nasty outside.
How do you teach children that Christmas is about giving and not just getting? The team at BuzzFeed came up with one incredible
Sometimes the smallest things that happen can be miracles. Sometimes the smallest moments are miraculous. The point is that we believe.
You decide which are doing the best job at helping out disadvantaged children. Our partner,, has brought
When families can no longer protect children, or when family members themselves are a threat to children as a result of mental ill-health or substance abuse, the state, civil society and international donors must do all they can to protect children.
You can join a special holiday gift giving campaign (in cooperation with Save the Children) and purchase a One World Futbol.
Life throws us all lemons, but if you don't have the tools or resources available -- like sugar and water or education and basic needs met -- you can't turn them in to lemonade, no matter how hard you try.
I find it absolutely off-putting for a children's game to be linked to money. But, I have an idea that could help make the pill a little less bitter, at least for parents like myself.