children of gay and lesbian parents

"I hope we’ll see acceptance of gay marriage of the courts and by the public at large," he said. By Shelby Sebens Gary Gates
"The gay dad narrative is a relatively new narrative," Mapa told The Huffington Post in an interview. He and his husband
My response to Ms. Hill: “Thank you for your response, and especially for the follow up letters. I would happy to look at
The High Court case was heard in London and Birmingham earlier this year, but the decision has just been published. "HOMOPHOBIC
Trans, LGBT Kids Accepted In New Girl Scouts Troop By The Next Family 6 Tips To Help Children Learn About Diversity Learn
I'm sorry that your pain has brought you to a place that has you advocating a position that is guaranteed to cause more pain to other children. You must know that children will continue to be raised by same-sex couples. Gay marriage doesn't deny children anything. It grants them equality.
I am choosing to write them, and him, a letter. More on The Next Family: Bio: Rob Watson is a writer for The Next Family
By Kevin Murphy Randy Vonderheide, an attorney for the Tippecanoe County Health Department, said officials use birth certificate
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1. Who’s the real mom? This is probably the #1 most offensive question you can ask a lesbian parent. We are both, in no uncertain