children of lesbian mothers

Society has changed, in large part, to accommodate us. But have LGBT people, in particular by parenting, changed society? Almost magically, recently published books started arriving in my mailbox to help my understanding.
As a lesbian solo mom raising two boys, often I feel like an anthropologist dropped into an unfamiliar culture, scrambling to understand their rituals. But I'm not just an observer here. I need to understand the ins and outs of Boyville.
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I was orphaned when my mother Millie died nine years ago. My biological mother went back to being a Jehovah's Witness and now says she regrets being with Millie for 20-some-odd years. "Les di un mal ejemplo," she says. That's B.S. See, Millie is the one who loved me -- tender, unconditional, I-believe-in-you love.
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As discrimination falls state by state across our great nation, we don't hear enough about children and the impacts of the fight on the most precious among us. It's important that we keep them steadfastly in our minds.
The boy tried a different question: "What's your dad's name?" I kept silent, wanting to see how my son handled it. He paused for just a second to think. "Well, that's Mommy," he explained, gesturing to me. "And the other one's Momma, but she's at work now."
There's so much to be said about the road leading up to your aunts and your moms getting married in the same weekend, from pretending your mom was straight so that you could get through seventh grade to coming out yourself to a tribe of first-generation lesbians.
This question is difficult, because it is both personal and political. This feels to me like the sophisticated version of the needling question "but which one is your real mom?" except of course this question, about who gets to be called "Mommy," is more legitimate.
Even while I'm reassuring my son this is a win, doubt whispers, "Really? This is it? What's the catch?" My marriage rights have been toyed with so many times over the past nine years, it's hard to believe someone won't pop up yelling, "Ha! Just kidding!" and send us back to the ballot box to start the fight again.
This beautiful photo series comes to HuffPost Gay Voices courtesy of the Family Equality Council (FEC) and COLAGE in honor
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A judge has ruled that a North Texas lesbian couple can't live together because of a morality clause in one of the women's divorce papers.
Will they be happy? Will they be loved? Will they be kind and compassionate? And the pulse that races beneath each of those