children of single parents

I'm loath to refer to myself as a "single mom" -- not because I'm ashamed of my status, but because that label conjures such stereotypical misconceptions.
The Air Force contends that if Edmonds was honest about her pregnancy from the beginning, she would not have been discharged
Grothman told the Fox affiliate in Milwaukee over the weekend that he is pushing the bill because he believes that the traditional
The Atlantic's current obsession with the alleged "decline of men" continues in the magazine's November issue with a cover
The main mentors in the United States should be teens -- and, moreover, they should be should teens who live in the same communities and have the same problems as kids most in need of mentors.
Even when studies do show children of single parents faring less well than children of married parents, they often do NOT
WATCH: After receiving the crushing news, Joel left her job to care for Daniela. Since her husband had passed away a few
I have news for Stanley Kurtz: The Case for Marriage was second rate and not worth publishing.
Obama and his mother benefited not only from their own unique gifts, but from the willingness of Dunham's parents to assist in the process.
People who proactively choose to become a parent on their own -- such as the tens of thousands of Choice Moms (a.k.a. single mothers by choice) -- are not doing a disservice to society.
Children in single-parent households are obviously in homes without both biological parents, and their family structures are nontraditional, so they must be the ones at risk for getting pummeled to death, right?