childrens hospitals

When Marie Osmond isn't busy making music ("Music Is Medicine") she is working with the charity she co-founded. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research and raises community awareness of children's health issues.
Last spring, Nicolas got the opportunity of a lifetime: to perform on the main stage at a massive music festival.
When your child is spending a lot of time in the hospital, nothing is normal. You don't have time or energy to try to "do Christmas" and the outside world pretty much goes on as if everything is status quo.
Every parent knows the anxieties and challenges of bringing an infant home from the hospital for the first time. But for the parents of Amir, a tiny Iraqi boy, those worries were multiplied many times.
This holiday season, thousands of kids across North America will be spending their holidays in a children's hospital fighting scary things like cancer, kidney disease or one of many other terrible illnesses or injuries. But they have reason to hope.
"What higher mission is there in life than helping an injured child?" asked Elissa Montanti yesterday at the ribbon cutting for the Dare To Dream House on Staten Island.
I'd met everyone from celebrities to Olympians to the president of the United States, but I walked out of that hospital feeling more inspired by those children than by anyone I had ever met before.
"I know I can handle whatever comes my way, because I am not alone," Stephen said, "but there are so many children, young children, who spend their childhoods in hospitals alone."