Children's Music

The singer shared his kids' favorite music and books.
The queen says her children's music EP, "Drag is Magic," is meant to encourage young fans to "reconsider the masks we are all forced to wear daily."
"My hope is that the boy's clubs will simmer down and give women more opportunities."
The icon opens up about her new kid’s album and why children love her.
He lives in N.Y. He earns his daily bread as a songwriter having sold over five million albums in his career. His success must be measured in equal parts to his obvious songwriting talents, his business acumen and his love of family.
We're all talking. Kids are talking, adults are talking and, hallelujah, the conversation is ON about diversity, especially when it comes to children.
In honor of Lois Lilienstein and several generations of children's musicians
Art is doable was wisdom handed down by an acting teacher when I was 16 years old. I traveled from the South Bronx on Saturday mornings to study acting in the Teen Program at the Stella Adler Studio. This wisdom still impacts my art.
Many parents thought the song should be an anthem in every elementary school in the country. But others refused to let their child sing on the song, or even sing on the recording, if we were going to include this song.
For children, listening to music is like dreaming. Kids connect to the raw data feed and interface directly with the sound waves. I know this because I work in a school and I play music with kids almost every day. Also, I was a kid, once.
"She was just so beautiful," Raffi told the Sun, "She was so playful and she had a very pure spirit and you could swear she
When we say "children's music" we generally think of music written FOR children. Children make their own music, and they do for reasons that meet developmental needs for expression, belonging, comfort, and complexity -- they sing to know.
My kids and I have been listening to Lisa Loeb's new children's album and book, Lisa Loeb's Silly Sing-Along: The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs, in the car for the last week and we have it fully memorized.
In my second year of teaching, I had a terrific bunch. There were six gifted children in my sixth grade class who became my teaching assistants.
With the new DVD release The Fine Friends Are Here!, Dan Zanes and Friends present colorful music and images that are not just for children, but also for the big kid in all of us.
In contrast with the brooding world we normally associate with Depeche Mode, Sounds Of The Universe sounds downright cheery.