"Tired with all these, for restful death I cry"... This is the Sonnet 66 of Shakespeare, it describes very well my state
It is time to discuss, once again, the lifting of a moratorium on research. We are not talking about the CRISPR genome-editing moratorium, but about the 20 August announcement by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to lift the moratorium on research involving chimeric human/non-human embryos.
I'm painting now a new Chimera of the State with Donald Trump as a model, I decided to make sketches to it during ten days
The Moscow Times, the Chimera of the Law Enforcement. The Chimera of the Law Enforcement by Lena Hades The Chimera of the
Chimera's Constitution Chimera's tails Chimera's hands hold two Christian symbols of authority -- a sceptre and a globus
Russians are fond of asking two vitally important questions about life: "Who is to blame?" and "What is to be done?"
Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology have allowed us to probe much deeper into a person's genome, to the point that today scientists believe that chimerism could be far more common than what we originally thought.
Republican Rep. Tom Kirby, who has served since 2012, has posted a list of his top issues on his website. Among them he names
A university researcher in Canada claims he knows the identity of a mysterious sea creature that was recovered by a fishing boat in the Arctic Ocean.
The knifenose chimaera is a member of the family Rhinochimaeridae, which stems from the Greek words for "nose" and "monster
As I struggled to find a link for two reviews, I noticed that two words which kept coming to mind shared the same first two letters ("C" and "H"). So I decided to look them both up on Wikipedia. The results were fascinating