I'd also come to love the tourist side of Ol Pejeta, having enjoyed the hospitality at Sweetwaters tented lodge, at Ol Pejeta
Everyone had forgotten about the loneliest chimp on the planet — but that's changing fast.
  Sometimes the best friends are those who know just what you've been through.
This might be the loneliest chimp in the world — and all he wants is a friend.
For more than 30 years, Ponso the chimp has been living on a deserted island off the Ivory Coast. He has no source of food
At some point in the drive, foolishly oblivious to the very real potential risk, my right hand lazily ended up resting on
"We have moved on from the time when research on chimpanzees was considered essential."
Chimps can cook. According to a study from Harvard University, humans' cognitive capacity for cooking is also shared by chimpanzees. This means that chimps and humans both prefer cooked food over raw food (who likes salad?), understand how cooking food works, and can cook for themselves.
Here’s a short clip of Barney’s drumming, which the paper notes was not prompted by humans in any way: Read the whole study
It seems only two things may stop chimps from being chefs. Inside every chimp might be a budding chef, just waiting for the
For the first time in history, a judge has recognized animals as legal persons.
"We've described chimpanzee behavior facing a dangerous situation never described before," Marie Cibot, a doctoral student