Two independent security experts contacted by Reuters said Greatfire's report appeared credible. Asked about the attack, Hua
The FBI on Wednesday issued a private warning to industry that a group of highly skilled Chinese government hackers were
The U.S. Justice Department, in filing the charges, is publicly accusing China with such cyber spying for the first time
No matter what President Obama and China's President Xi Jinping agree this week, China will not stop cyber espionage.
“It's not clear that they even know which of their suppliers and assemblers are directed or subsidized by the Chinese government
A U.S. computer security company said last month that a secretive Chinese military unit was likely behind a series of hacking
As the New York Times itself admitted, traditional security technology such as firewalls and anti-virus were unable to stop recent cyber attacks. So how can organizations prevent such targeted cyber attacks? Following these four steps to cyber health is a good start.
A brilliant report recently issued by security firm Mandiant clearly identified a high-powered unit of the Chinese Army as the source of the most persistent cyber-attacks against American firms. The magnitude of this by invasion of privacy and theft of data is staggering.
Sean Henry, a former FBI cybersecurity official, has said think tanks make valuable targets for cyberspies because they provide
A recent story in Businessweek detailed how Joe Stewart, a researcher for Dell SecureWorks, was able to link a hacker to
There were no obvious signs of extra security on Tuesday. Members of Congress and intelligence authorities in the United
This isn't the first time a tech product from China has been suspected of having pre-loaded malicious software. In 2008, numerous
The long-term penetration of Nortel Networks' computer system by hackers raises the possibility that owners of the company's
The messages, which tried to entice recipients to click on malicious links, appeared to be coming from known Chamber employees
"What was unusual about it was that this was clearly somebody very sophisticated, who knew exactly who we are and who targeted
Investigators probing the recent ransacking of International Monetary Fund computers have concluded the attack was carried
Over the past week, reports from Chinese Internet users indicate that when Gmail is accessed, users are auto-forwarded to
A CITY in eastern China has been identified as the world capital of cyber-espionage by an American internet security company
Reporting from Beijing - The pitch was tantalizing: Just a little training and you too could hack websites, earning thrills
China is significantly boosting its capabilities in cyberspace as a way to gather intelligence and, in the event of war, hit