china military parade

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia -- As long as Washington is seen by Moscow and Beijing as trying to contain them geopolitically and subvert their domestic political regimes, the entente between Russia and China will only grow stronger
The largest military parade in China's history featured 12,000 troops and 200 fighter jets.
BEIJING -- China's enhanced transparency lends an excuse for some to sensationalize the "China Threat." In fact, China has reiterated that it's an internationally accepted practice to showcase advanced weapons and equipment in a parade. It is a reflection of the level of military modernization which signals a positive energy that China will maintain world peace together with others and it is not directed against any other country.
The event is a convenient distraction from China's economic woes.
BEIJING -- Western indifference to the Chinese commemoration is a policy blunder that should have been avoided. This can even be considered as a foolish mistake. Let's make this clear: The truth behind those countries' attitudes toward China's victory day parade is that the United States wants to contain China, Europe sits on the fence and some countries in South East Asia fear or are suspicious of China's rise.