china sea dispute

The U.S. confirmed that China recently deployed fighter jets to Woody Island.
Taiwan confirmed the deployment of a surface-to-air missile system to Woody Island.
North Korea is the one regional security issue where Washington consistently courts greater Chinese assertiveness.
"[Our interest is] to demonstrate that we will uphold the principle of freedom of navigation."
SYDNEY -- China today is a very powerful and ambitious country, led by a man who really is determined to build new model of great power relations in Asia to replace the regional order based on U.S. primacy. There are no low-risk, low-cost ways to respond to this challenge.
Ultimately, it may take a crisis for the U.S.-China relationship to reach a stable equilibrium. But in the current context, I believe the doom-laden scenario of a U.S.-China naval clash in the South China Sea to be remote. The greater risk is that China will use U.S. FoN operations to justify an overtly military phase to the island construction project.