The suspect told a judge on Tuesday,."I didn’t know it was marijuana.”
U.S. adviser Jake Sullivan made clear during an “intense” seven-hour meeting that the Biden administration has deep concerns about China’s alignment with Russia.
Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, is set to travel to Rome on Monday to meet with a senior Chinese official.
A Chinese state TV employee posted the photos apparently to assuage concern about her disappearance.
Leslie Wiser founded Radical Family Farms to explore her own biracial identity. She wanted to provide a space to grow the Asian and German heritage vegetables that her grandparents missed when they moved to America. What she didn’t expect was that the farm would become a pillar of community for other Asian-Americans who had a similar longing in their lives.
"I think immigrants make this country great," he tells audience.
Trump is touting his proposed tariffs on China as a fix for the trade deficit, but it could be American consumers who end up paying.
Chinese who invest in Kushner company real estate deals can get green cards.
Just because he's white, doesn't mean Daniel Bell can't be considered Chinese.
Are we losing out to the Chinese? Gilbert M. Khadiagala, University of the Witwatersrand The Chibok girls may never be found