Trump is touting his proposed tariffs on China as a fix for the trade deficit, but it could be American consumers who end up paying.
Chinese who invest in Kushner company real estate deals can get green cards.
Just because he's white, doesn't mean Daniel Bell can't be considered Chinese.
Trump will not run the US alone. As has always been the case, American presidents must negotiate policies with Congress. African
Ingredients for the Cooking Sauce: 1 x teaspoon plain flour ½ cup water 2 x tablespoons (1 x lid) of white vinegar Ingredients
SHOPPER ONE: No. I don't mean---- SHOPPER ONE: Right over there. I can't see through the door. SHOPPER ONE: Why should I
Günther Oettinger, a German commissioner for the European Union, also made fun of same-sex marriage.
She is not going to move the voters with her oratory skills, or by making promises that everyone already predicts. She needs to narrow her communication gap with the voters by dispensing with the guarded persona that muddles her message--even though the content in her message is far more defined, corporeal, and nuanced than her opponent's rather murky "plans" (declarations only, no details).
Promoting Islamic law also undermines the social compact the government has had with the Malaysian people since the 1970s
Chef Qihui Guan is a former math professor who is combining her family's traditional Chinese recipes with an insistence upon quality, local ingredients.
People take pride in the food they eat, and ethnic communities especially form and retain their identities around their traditional cuisines. What's Italian without pasta? Or the Thai without their Tom Yum Goong?
You’ve been studying Chinese for a few years, and you want to take your China-savvy to the next level: your career. But what
The book, published by the London-based Innovation Media Consulting Group for the World Association of Newspapers and News
I realized then, as I put together the pattern from what other Chinese had observed in conversations of the past few years
What do you give a buffoon with a big mouth? The CIA may have to be somewhat creative (read: make up stuff) in order to keep the nation's intelligence community from being completely annihilated by an idiot with itchy tweeting fingers.
China today has well over a quarter billion people over 60, and that number will grow to about the size of today's entire European population. It's a market if ever there was one. It's also a challenge if the public policy and external conditions are not ripe.
Within my lifetime, Asians, Asian immigrants, and Asian Americans -- despite blurriness in the lines, these are distinct categories -- have come to be seen differently.