Chinese Americans

The actress posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo that she supports "the Hong Kong police."
L. Rafael Reif penned an open letter to the MIT community in support of his Chinese and Chinese American colleagues.
“It is irresponsible to categorize an entire country of people en masse as spies,” said Rep. Judy Chu.
“They faced outright discrimination throughout their service, which led to their heroism and sacrifice being largely ignored,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth said.
An attorney specializing in cybersecurity noted that the scammers play on immigrants' fears.
I realized then, as I put together the pattern from what other Chinese had observed in conversations of the past few years
They have been encouraged to stand up and speak out. Scientists are alarmed at the misunderstanding of their methods. Xi
Within my lifetime, Asians, Asian immigrants, and Asian Americans -- despite blurriness in the lines, these are distinct categories -- have come to be seen differently.
"It is the story of an ethnic group," she acknowledged. "But it turns out to be much more than that." "They were there at
A recent visit to Portland, Oregon made me realize clearly the dilemma of the Asian American story -- more accurately in the plural, stories. It is the constant choice between the positive and the negative.
My parents and many of their friends attended these rallies or have spoken up in support of Liang. They have stayed silent and very far away from any Black Lives Matter protests, but they find the time to pay attention and show up when it is a member of their community.
But we get ahead or ourselves. It all started with a chance meeting between Jennifer Wang's husband, David and the then co
In an era of American anxiety about what until recently was called "the Orient," his survey of the subject shows how our apprehensions endure, always underneath the surface of diplomacy and etiquette.
In a recent press conference, Jeb Bush clumsily (and erroneously) said that the phenomenon of so-called "anchor babies" was "frankly, more related to Asian people."
In a new series entitled “My Home,” photographer Louis Chan turns his lens on the private rooms of households much like the
These early accomplishments happened despite landmark barriers. Among them was the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, "the nation's
At the intermission of Noël Coward's Private Lives, my wife asked me whether I had been offended by the use of the word "Chinaman." Other than that one bit of language, it was a perfect comedy of manners. I replied that I wasn't sure.
From time to time, people who are about to condemn the Chinese apologize to me. They preface their comment with, "I am very sorry to have to say this," and they give me a pitying look.
At the beginning of each year, as the Lunar New Year approaches, Chinese media in North America experiences one of its most cluttered periods of advertising as local businesses within the Chinese community, and top national brands flock to acknowledge the holiday.