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The WorldPost sat down with Ai to discuss his new documentary about the refugee crisis.
Avoid having your desk face a wall as this is said to promote stagnant energy.
“Cave Temples of Dunhuang: Buddhist Art on China’s Silk Road,” a new exhibit at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, has been
Yuz Museum As the city of 30 million people continues to grow, art is becoming a fundamental part of the Shanghai culture
Through a Chinese friend, I had the luck to discover the remarkable "Dali Dreamstone" exhibition this week at TK Asian Antiquities in New York City.
Meyer and Brysac do a masterful job of contextualizing the frenzied collecting of Chinese art by Americans into the political, historical and social landscapes of the times. Like a story by Edith Wharton, it's a tale of intrigue, manners and colorful personalities.
"Feeding myself through writing made me fall in love with literature."
"If we don’t stop now and recognize these problems, then in the future, they will all come back to us.”
This elegantly installed exhibition is the first museum show of Marcia Hafif's works in her home state in 40 years. And looking at the informative, well-designed exhibition catalog, I gained a new level of understanding and appreciation of the artist's work.