Chinese Cuisine

If you want to be lucky this Lunar New Year, consider serving up dumplings, suckling pig or whole fish.
Mariah Carey was wrong. All I want for Christmas is Chinese food.
THIS WHOLE CITY IS BASICALLY MADE OF HILLS. WHAT GIVES?? +1: LA 7. Enough small talk: Both cities have In ‘N’ Out and that’s
The irony, she says, is that two of the four new Chinese-themed emoji are not Chinese Chinese, but instead reflect Westernized elements of Chinese culture.
One Hong Kong location alone makes 17,000 xiaolongbao every week.
Spreadshirt allows users to design their own shirts -- even racist ones, apparently.
Chinese and Jewish people both understood “what it’s like to be outsiders" on Christmas.
I never found dim sum that equaled what I enjoyed in Hong Kong. So on a recent visit I set out to discover why.
We've gathered together 10 dishes, along with their origins, that you'd be hard-pressed to find in China.
Get to know your Shandong from your Shanghai.
Many of the best Chinese restaurants in the country still abide by the same philosophy of menu writing as those strip mall takeout joints. They write menus that are too damn long.
Come with me on a magical journey of meat.
China's relationship with food is a window into basic instincts. The country's cuisine is a manifestation of a civilization that has never taken survival for granted.
For many years I kept saying that I was going to learn how to cook Chinese dishes, but somehow never found the time. However, this year, 2011 James Beard Award Winner, Grace Young has a new book, Stir Fry From the Sky's edge.