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The Wall Street Journal says officials warned President Donald Trump’s son-in-law about his friendship with Chinese-American businesswoman Wendi Deng Murdoch in a “routine senior staff security briefing.”
The Princeton Group's message is simplistically clear: the latest generation of smart phones are more secure than DREs, and
To a great extent, our efforts toward China will be about managing problems, not solving them. In this most important bilateral relationship in the world, we should deal with China from a position of economic and military strength.
Clearly, fear-based rule was not left behind with the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976, as many thought. This should not be surprising. Even as China's economy has boomed and modernized, its political system has retained its core totalitarian features: a state exempt from the rule of law, a domestic security apparatus with agents and informants virtually everywhere, widespread censorship, and weak protection of individual rights. Having never been repudiated, these institutional relics of Maoism remain available to be used and intensified whenever the top leadership sees fit, as it does today.
"Feeding myself through writing made me fall in love with literature."
The political dysfunctions caused by the dominance of rich campaign donors in the American political system have provided an opportunity for opponents of political equality to attack democracy itself. A sophisticated version of this is Daniel A. Bell's recent book, The China Model.
Steve Hoffman at Founders Space recently returned from a "marathon business trip" to China. He returned with some unexpected findings that defy many of our staid stereotypes in the West. With Steve's permission, I am quoting his findings below.
Chinese police detained or questioned over 100 lawyers and human rights advocates this weekend, human rights NGOs reported
In the last few days the $400 billion of Greek debt took a new dimension. The Chinese markets lost almost 40 percent, more than $3 trillion.
"Citizens have always enjoyed all forms of rights accorded to them under the constitution," ministry spokesman Hong Lei said
Fifteen to 20 years ago, a canny friend of mine assured me that I would know I was in a different world when the Europeans said no to Washington. I've been waiting all this time, and last week, it seemed as if the moment had finally arrived.
The greatest dilemma facing the Chinese government in its long-standing efforts to build an effective legal system is how to ensure both the integrity of the judiciary and the Communist Party's monopoly of power.
Protesters want open nominations for candidates for Hong Kong's 2017 leadership election. China's parliament endorsed a framework
In Hong Kong, the fractures largely occur along class and age lines. In a poll conducted at the end of 2013, more than 70
There are some Chinese who are amplifying the Dalai Lama's voice in China. Beyond the radar of China's censors and whispered in the din of China's Internet chatter are expressions of Chinese support and sympathy.
Chinese fans of "The Big Bang Theory" are hoping there's a "Bazinga" coming. Reportedly, it is normal for the Chinese government
One of the most rapidly growing factors of public debt is occurring right now, in China, largely under the radar of the so-called fiscal prophets of doom.