For almost a month, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been engaged in damage control after publicly disclosing that it was the victim of a massive data breach of government employee data.
A good first step would be to design a new, secure SCADA controller that replaces all the SCADAs operating in our critical
The Washington Post front page article on October 10 "Hacked Firms Quietly Talk about Fighting Fire with Fire" about growing corporate anger over successive cyber attacks has a new message: go on the offensive. Hack back! They are not alone.
Citing a report provided by Cyber Engineering Services Inc. (CyberESI) which has not yet been made public, Krebs says hackers
The United States escalated a standoff with the Chinese government on Monday over the alleged use of hacking by military officials to give Chinese companies an advantage over American industries.
It's unlikely that the Chinese military hackers will end up in a U.S. federal court. But the charges represented a significant
The U.S. Justice Department, in filing the charges, is publicly accusing China with such cyber spying for the first time
History is change. Unless the United States does something radically different or unless the Chinese miracle of operating a booming economy in a repressive society implodes, the question is when China will surpass us economically. Not whether.
“Anybody who has a merger and acquisition deal or a clean energy company with new technology” is in the crosshairs of Chinese
Last fall, Brian Shields, Nortel's former security adviser, said the company's downfall was inevitable after Chinese hackers