Chinese history

“My own China dream is more modest: to be viewed as a Chinese not just in my own mind but in the minds of my fellow Chinese,” a white man writes in an op-ed.
Should we reprimand those who quite possibly spent a lifetime under oppression?
BEIJING -- Western thinkers should support China's effort to continue to build up a political meritocracy with democratic characteristics. What is the alternative?
China's leaders assert a very conservative vision of Chinese culture and history, which is self-serving and does a gross disservice to the country's rich, multifaceted traditions. Western commentators must be more careful to bear this in mind.
Chinese "big-character posters," or dazibao, are handwritten posters mounted on walls and published in papers or pamphlets
Clearly, The Analects of Confucius is for Xi's Chinese renaissance what The Little Red Book was for Mao's Cultural Revolution.
When it is impossible to trust the verdict of a legal system that is in thrall to its politics, we must seek other ways of interpreting its verdicts. We must see its verdicts as a sign of the times. When major changes in governance occur, a powerful woman usually gets offered up as a sacrifice.
Rich or poor, lucky in life or oppressed by it, we each must eventually accept the lot we were given and play the hand we have been dealt or else be but a pawn in a game where others determine the outcome for us.
Many international observers fail to appreciate that religion in China has never been treated as a matter of personal choice. It's hard to imagine that the current regime would suddenly start to view things differently.
We need to understand that in the centuries following Confucus' death, his teachings became the official ideology of the Chinese state, a position held with virtually no break into the 20th century.
Forms of Address. The Chinese say their surname first, as in Wang, John--the western version of John Wang. Err on the side
A Sudden Dawn is delicious candy with a grain of medicine at its core. If you have the slightest interest in Chinese history, and if you yourself have wrestled with some of the profound truths of Buddhism, get a copy.
Less than 40 years ago in the Shaanxi province of north-central China, farmers accidentally unearthed fragments of what would become one of the world's greatest archaeological finds.
China may have invented the first printing press in 593 and published the first woodblock-printed newspaper in 713. But in 2010 it wants to curb the newest information innovation led by Google.
Working in a vast country like China, with its long traditions of social and work cultures and particular political system, presents a number of challenges for an international conservancy.
The Chinese hold our debt and buy our real estate and in return we buy their manufactured goods. Perhaps we could bring some Chinese wisdom and savvy over too, just to balance the beam.
Assuming that people heading to Beijing have already been getting ready mentally, this regimen is for those who want to be informed consumers of Olympic broadcasts.