Chinese labor

Chinese workers don’t win every battle for better working conditions. But they’re not going to give up.
A Chinese Apple manufacturer has a message for a worker who had half his brain removed after a factory accident: Get out
Also, happy birthday, William Faulkner, born 1897. @EugeneMirman: If your kids ask to be Angry Birds for Halloween, say no
Debates in the United States in response to these disclosures have been how to assign blame or whether consumers can force Apple to be more ethical. This is not enough. The problems are certainly not limited to Apple or Foxconn.
CHINESE EXCEPTIONALISM China's Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd is the world's largest solar panel maker. while Yingli Green
Every year, millions of migrant workers come to Shanghai from the countryside in search of work. They live in subpar conditions -- unheated trailers or plastic tarp tents -- and work backbreaking hours.