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While Chinese news media struggles to find an African audience, Bruce Lee draws crowds across the continent to the films.
While China has generally stopped short of direct state control or censorship of media, many suggest it has resorted to indirect and subtle methods to exert control over the Hong Kong media, especially via the infiltration of "red capital" into the local media system.
The Foreign Ministry said that the case had been handled in accordance with the law. Gao Yu, 71, who was tried behind closed
After the 28-year-old Chinese man was abducted at a vegetable market in Sichuan province, he was sold to a family that lived
It was the first time since the demonstrations, which China and the Hong Kong government have called illegal, that an official
Experts have long said that corruption was rife within Chinese media, with poorly paid journalists often susceptible to bribery
The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television posted an announcement on its website this week
Alan Huang, the general coordinator of Bay Area Falun Gong practitioners and organizer of the protests, said that the reporter
An individual leaking a damning video or corporate filing needn't be a brilliant political strategist, visionary writer or charismatic operative. They don't need to conceive a motivational manifesto. All they need to do is make a printout, download a file, send an email or post a link.
The photo gallery is not the first time Chinese media have been caught out, apparently by inadequate fact-checking. China
Many reporters at the newspaper were reluctant to discuss their next move. A purported directive issued by Beijing's Central
The mysterious disappearance of China's heir apparent, Xi Jinping, will be unsettling for Chinese citizens and a murky leadership vacuum is the last thing China needs right now.
Defense Department correspondents and commentators did not have to read between the lines much to pass on the twin message that our armed forces will be managed in a leaner fashion and with a decided tilt strategically toward countering threats in Asia.
Read the original story here. Chen Qiwei, spokesman of Shanghai's municipal government, said an investigation team composed
China's version of dollar diplomacy is helping to insulate Latin economies from the crisis. But it's also creating disputes over dumping, energy policy and technology.
Officials in the South China Post report were keen to stress that the move was aimed at making The Beijing News more competitive
Luxury goods are a tool for career advancement in China. In the PRC, the key benefit of shower gel is "an energizing shower experience that helps me start the day with a kick."
Broadcast by China Central Television, the footage was said to have been passed off as an air force training drill showing
If you are eager for an alternative to Western coverage of world events, you can now find China's perspective on international news in parts of Africa, Europe and Asia -- in English.