Chinese students

When someone ripped Asian names from dorm doors, these students chose to speak out.
YI-LING LIU profiles the "Green Turtles," Chinese-born students who move overseas to study environmental sciences, and their dilemma of whether or not to return home.
The news app helps Chinese students get Tinder tips and Trump analysis.
In an era of effortless technological enhancement of one's own work, plagiarism and other wrongs are not limited to the Chinese whom we welcome to our shores. Perhaps the best means of addressing these issues, as is true of most issues, is through education.
While China's economy continues to become more capitalistic, the Chinese definitely do not think America and the West have it all figured out politically or economically, especially not after the 2008 financial crisis. The students The WorldPost spoke with were also sensitive to, and eager to defend their country against, what they perceived as negative American press and sentiment towards China.
Joshua sees his young age as an asset. "Young people will always be the pioneers...," he said to Bloomberg News. “In a rally
The Western legacy of educational virtue has been called into question by the better PISA test score results coming out of other countries, especially China. Should we in the US be following Shanghai's lead and focusing on improving our students' test scores in this international exam?
Jiang Xueqin believes that the very best American institutions of learning have "a culture and tradition of openness, diversity, and risk-taking that China must emulate if China is to progress as a society and as a culture."
Under the banner of globalism or multiculturalism, American educational institutions are engaged in a tangled and controversial web of international arrangements.
And in the process of developing a strong relationship with our international students and UIR administrators, it has become evident that our Chinese partners want to incorporate more of an American-style liberal arts approach to education. While I find this reassuring, I also hope others in American higher education share my excitement.
In light of the size and scope of current conflicts around the world, increasing the numbers of students who study abroad would seem to be the least of our national security challenges. But, simply put, we need more students, and a more diverse student population, to study abroad.
Branstad hopes to reform the way teachers are paid and promoted, and he's giving serious consideration to what other states
Kirk Black, associate superintendent of human resources and administrative services for the district, told the San Mateo
As more and more international students from all over the world come to the U.S. and become immersed in American culture, perhaps a term like Americanized Chinese or Americanese can also emerge to indicate an identity that is not completely Chinese or quite Chinese-American.
It was in that moment of "speaking" with this Chinese teacher that I realized why I was brought to China...
Last year, almost 23,000 students completed the entrepreneurship program and presented their individual business plans. The students started small businesses in such diverse areas as handcrafted goods, used cell phone resale, computer repair, recycling, restaurants, and farming.
Much has been written lately about the recent influx of Chinese students to U.S. colleges, universities, and boarding schools
As American students continue to struggle in math and reading, students in Shanghai who took international exams for the
A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids. They wonder what these parents do