Chinese tourists

Should we reprimand those who quite possibly spent a lifetime under oppression?
Taiwan and Hong Kong are no exceptions. They saw 30% and 20% decline, respectively, in tourists from China in November over
In 2014, Iran overhauled its hotel industry, investing $220 million in hotels and other similar establishments. Officials
The Chinese dragon is a creature associated with water. Unlike its Western fire-breathing cousin, it is a benevolent creature whose flight through the clouds brings life-giving water to farmers each spring.
The incident occurred on Thursday, but with cell phone videos and eyewitness accounts continuing to pour out, Chinese state
Seriously, does this look in any way fun -- or sanitary -- to you? The Daying Dead Sea is strategically situated at the same
I am persuaded there is another story. I was chatting with a renowned scholar of China, who has done extensive fieldwork there. He immediately named Communism as the cause of Chinese not lining up.
Unsatisfied, I took an even deeper look-see behind the curtain at some rather untraditional 21st century mashup travel metrics, that all point to an even bigger (and better) year for traveler's in 2014.
“The best three pieces of work will be awarded generous prizes, and the winner will receive a 12-day trip to both Sweden
Their solution? A 64-page etiquette guidebook that includes tips like being punctual for group tours and using shower curtains