Chinese zodiac

If you want to be lucky this Lunar New Year, consider serving up dumplings, suckling pig or whole fish.
The Chinese Zodiac can be traced back to a celestial race between animals.
You’d think I’d be excited that this coming year in the Chinese zodiac, the year of the rooster, is my year. After all, I
Personality: How to announce your little wooden horse... Horses are known for being strong-willed and unbridled as well as
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The Water element is emotive, compassionate and perceptive. By tuning into your intuition, you can detect changes that can't
The year of the black water snake means there is going to be fire in the water. Geologically, watch and see what happens.
Budget travelers fear not. In a country where a brand new 2012 Toyota Camry costs $146,000, and million-dollar Ferraris and Lamborghinis are driven on the roads daily, there are plenty of alternatives that won't send your checking account into cardiac arrest.
The Hurun list, as it happens, provides little fodder for those interested in, say, playing the stock market based on the Chinese zodiac of CEOs.
See spectacular photos of the Lunar New Year preparations here: Watch a video on the preparations: In the 12-year lunar calendar