chip kelly

After a 5-11 campaign this year, San Francisco brings on a head coach without a playoff win to his name.
Black Monday has come and gone, and a total of seven NFL head coaches have lost their jobs. Now the Eagles, Buccaneers, Giants, Browns, Dolphins, Titans and 49ers all have begun the search for the person that will bring them to their goal of a SuperBowl championship.
Obviously, both Browns and Bills fans made this list.
Eleanor Roosevelt said, "I try to learn from the mistakes of others. I don't have time to make them all myself." Here are some more lessons from the past year.
Whether it was because of all the offseason miscalculations or something much deeper, Chip Kelly now won't get a second year to try and finish what he started. Sure, the experiment looks messy now, but the fact that we'll never know for sure is disappointing for any true football fan.
Kelly has assumed much of the blame for the Eagles' poor season and missed chance at the playoffs.
Coach Chip Kelly has come under fire, with some saying he may be gone after the season is over. After back to back 10-6 seasons, the Eagles are 4-7 without showing much sign of improvement. The problem is Chip Kelly. He is his own worst enemy.