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• Cancer Specialist and Director of Breast Surgery, St Barnabas Hospital Dr. Bert Peterson, shares about his benefits learned
And, this is exactly what I'm prepared to say to Mr. Potdevin (who's name in French means "bribe") when I meet him at the
He said in early November that some women's body shapes "just actually don't work" for Lululemon's yoga pants, prompting
Controversies ruled the year & with them came very public (and occasionally sincere) apologies. Everyone from Paula Deen to Lance Armstrong expressed their regrets publicly, but were they really sorry? We talk to experts and journalists to decide.
For a company whose vision is "to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness," I'd say they need to start doing a hell of a lot better job. Can the new CEO do it with Chip Wilson still in the background pulling the strings?
The high-end yoga-wear retailer has had a pretty miserable year, starting in March when the company was forced to recall
A company who is supposedly meant to embrace the values of yoga has just missed one entire, basic principle of the practice: That EVERYONE is accepted.
Lululemon chairman and co-founder Chip Wilson is stepping down, The Globe and Mail reported Monday night.
The athletic apparel company has faced increased scrutiny over the past few months. In July, insiders told The Huffington
Lululemon swiftly responded with an apology on its Twitter feed. Wilson apologized for the comments several days after making