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Here's what I do know about all education, training, and development available today. World Peace is my life-altering goal
You can also Tweet your #yogaisbiggerthanpants story to me at @AlannaKaivalya. Because, I don't want to just walk in with
Controversies ruled the year & with them came very public (and occasionally sincere) apologies. Everyone from Paula Deen to Lance Armstrong expressed their regrets publicly, but were they really sorry? We talk to experts and journalists to decide.
For a company whose vision is "to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness," I'd say they need to start doing a hell of a lot better job. Can the new CEO do it with Chip Wilson still in the background pulling the strings?
The recall debacle was only the beginning. Rather than simply apologize for selling overpriced pants that were transparent
A company who is supposedly meant to embrace the values of yoga has just missed one entire, basic principle of the practice: That EVERYONE is accepted.
Lululemon chairman and co-founder Chip Wilson is stepping down, The Globe and Mail reported Monday night.
According to a Lululemon Athletica press release, Wilson announced his resignation from the position of non-executive chairman
I hate Lululemon. Everything about that brand makes me want to knock down an end-aisle display of Vitamin Water with my yoga mat.
For all the genuinely positive energy that exists on Lulu's retail floors, an equally disturbing culture festers at the top and perpetuates a discourse with far more damaging implications than pilling capris.
lululemon, please bring back Christine Day! Ms. Day, 51, who announced in June that she'd be stepping down as soon as a successor was named, is still acting in her capacity as CEO. But she's been rather quiet lately.
"Frankly some women's bodies just don't actually work for [the pants]," he said. "It's really about the rubbing through the
For example, in one phone interaction a StellaService Analyst asked for help finding the right size for a pair of running
His poor, poor fabric, having to quake, quiver and eventually surrender under the Godzillian heft of a woman's curves!
Lululemon yoga pants causing you problems? It may be your fault. He didn't stop there. That's what one of the company's co
While I'm incredibly excited to partake in these astounding technological developments, I'm increasingly aware that our unprecedented interconnectedness and availability can come at a price if we're not careful.
At Lululemon, everything about you is inventoried and measured in terms of "authenticity" and "integrity." Which sounds reasonable, until you realize your yoga mat's on a sweaty, slippery slope. In fact, according to Lululemon's standards, almost everyone is a lazy, sociopathic scumbag.