The Pennsylvania man griped to police that the cashier crushed his snacks by putting them in a bag with canned goods.
The live-action Disney movie is already 55th on the all-time domestic list at $317 million.
This year's Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was different. Instead of the craziness of fads that come and go, the show proved that the desires and choices of the American consumer have been consolidated and some trends might be here to stay.
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He'll work with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
Masala is one of the greatest achievements on the flavor spectrum and you have disgraced it with your putrid tasting Magic Masala chips. The only magic you have accomplished is taking a fantastic flavor and defiling it.
Salty and sweet desserts create the perfect combination. But the next best thing is having something easy to make. We went to Oiji to get their take on honey butter chips, a dessert that will have everyone reaching for more.
Perfect your chip and guac form ... before it's too late.
Invent a chip flavor, become a millionaire. What a great time to be alive.
The Javits Center in New York City turns into a massive food hall as thousands of specialty food vendors from across the world occupy the space to showcase their finest culinary goods.
Thankfully, those nuisances are now obsolete. There's an easy way to keep your chips fresh without any help from a handy
Several years ago, I bought into the notion that GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) technology could be a measurement used in political focus groups to analyze the intensity of a group member's response to a series of TV spots.
The resulting dip tastes nothing like the stuff you had growing up as a kid.
This is the new reality of skiing and snowboarding. With a smartphone at the center, we have an integrated system of technology that tracks our runs, captures the experience with immersive detail.