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These are the opening lines of what is effectively the first written "history" of the movement for integrative health and
Polarization and separation has defined US medicine since the AMA set killing homeopathy as a goal at the organization's
"Testimonials are stories which come straight from the heart of the happy clients. Their stories put stress on the value
The question: Is it smart for the integrative health and medicine movement to abandon the radicalism of calling for an "alternative medicine"?
Cherkin is offering a key ingredient. Restructuring priorities from the presently reductionist biomedical approach to pain is the stock that will provide a necessary base for the hearty soup of real health care reform.
The medical industry's uptake of complementary and integrative health and medicine is wildly uneven. This is true even in pain treatment, an area that drew most people to integrative practices and practitioners.
"What I'm doing is looking for very specific neuro-structural shifts and correcting those. The results can be quite astounding