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The Five Eras for Integrative Health and Medicine The day of the publication of "Rise" I attended the biannual conference
"I am surely biased," Meeker states, adding: "Yet I find it hard to understand the notion that spinal manipulation wouldn't
34 percent growth in the employment of physical therapists from 2014 to 2024 does not surprise because of the growing demand
The question: Is it smart for the integrative health and medicine movement to abandon the radicalism of calling for an "alternative medicine"?
Cherkin is offering a key ingredient. Restructuring priorities from the presently reductionist biomedical approach to pain is the stock that will provide a necessary base for the hearty soup of real health care reform.
The medical industry's uptake of complementary and integrative health and medicine is wildly uneven. This is true even in pain treatment, an area that drew most people to integrative practices and practitioners.
Continue reading on Petopia's Blog 'Zoe's Couch' Based on Dr. Oliver's experience most breeds respond quite well to chiropractic
I encourage you to be proactive in your healthcare, nutrition and fitness in building a life where you can thrive! I have
Creating Your Personal Sleep Revolution In a very impactful study at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine
Let's start anew. What are the optimal uses of licensed chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine not in making a buck, but in creating health?
A more natural sleep environment. Both the individual technologies and the materials used in adaptive sleep systems are intended
Poor sleep can lead to an increase in the chronic stress response and thus a reduction in the immune function and further
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A 2013 study on mice showed that during sleep the brain clears out harmful waste proteins that build up between its cells
• Provides a sleep environment more conducive to relaxing, restorative deep sleep. It concluded that exercise did not appear
Temperature regulation. Variations in temperature may also interrupt the sleep cycle, particularly in those stages where
Share this Article • School-age children need at least 10 hours of sleep daily Temperature regulation. Variations in temperature