Chita Rivera

The Broadway legend is a character in the new FX series "Fosse/Verdon."
The legendary actor, singer and dancer is back on the road once more.
Playbill's booth at BroadwayCon When BroadwayCon, the theatre community's version of Comic Con, began as an idea to bring
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"Nowadays" will include a nod to the Orlando's Pulse nightclub victims.
Nobody moves like Chita Rivera. With all due respect to Catherine Zeta-Jones who earned an Oscar for her film role as Velma
“It’s a tremendous responsibility, and an honor, to tell your stories.”
We were all his 'favorite nephew'; and while his William Morris clients knew that he lavished equal care on his other stars, I expect that deep inside each somehow felt that she or he was Biff's own favorite.
"It's a pity, because they could be so much stronger because they're so gifted."
The fine ensemble swirling around McKellan's killer performance as the aging Mr. Holmes, now in retirement in the country, is first rate. And in that spirit, the movie's Monday premiere took advantage of Broadway's dark night, with theater actors out for drinks and ravioli at Southgate in celebration.