The Trump administration handed big industry another win.
Pediatricians warned that keeping it on the market put "all children at risk."
“Hawaii is showing the Trump administration that the states will stand up for our kids, even when Washington will not.”
The Obama administration had targeted chlorpyrifos, known on the market as Lorsban, to be phased out after EPA scientists
A leading organization of pediatricians warned in June that the continued use of chlorpyrifos "puts all children at risk."
“The Trump administration is not above the law — and we will not let them put our kids at risk."
The work continues, said Rengam, of mapping lands worked by indigenous people so that they have some defense against the
The findings echo similar results with animal studies of the insecticide, which remains widely used in agriculture to kill
Pesticides are engineered to kill living organisms by destroying the nervous system of the insects they target. They can't be good for human health either. Here's a gallery of some of the most worrisome.