The conspiracy theorist's website retracts an article saying the company was "caught importing migrant rapists."
The yogurt company says the falsified reports led to customers' calls to boycott their products.
“If a refugee has a job, they are no longer a refugee.”
Man, woman; gay, straight; blue-collar, white-collar.
The owner of the Chobani yogurt company, Hamdi Ulukaya, made news last week when he announced that he will give his 2,000 employees a 10 percent ownership share when the company is sold. The average stake will be worth $150,000. Several of America's largest corporations also made news by canceling events in North Carolina, to protest that state's discriminatory new laws against transgender people. Is there a larger trend here? Are some corporations becoming allies of progressive reform -- or does it just look that way because most of the corporate elite and the Republican Party are now so far to the right?