“We need it like oxygen,” says one Voices Of Our City Choir member.
Kids at one Massachusetts middle school stunned their teacher by breaking out into song at his engagement brunch.
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The friends we make in churches will often not stick with us or support us if something goes wrong. Only one church friend reached out to me to find out what happened and to offer support.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
Amateur choristers from around globe will compete in the World Choir Games.
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Ghinwa Obeid reports from the Bekaa Valley, where a children's choir is teaching Lebanese students and Syrian refugee children
Over the years the Brookinaires have taught me many things; strength, courage, true commitment, real community, but the most
When the life you have been living no longer is the life you are designed to keep living, in essence, the jig is up. For me, it went down like this: "Greg, get out of your mind or go out of your mind."
Perhaps what a lot of Christians mean when they say that Mormons don't count as Christians is that they don't like our version of Christianity. Perhaps what they mean is that they think we make them look bad with our wild and sweeping ideas.
Choir Performs Eminem "Lose Yourself" At Dr Ben Carson Presidential Campaign Announcement
These writers have made their names in musical theater, but they value the opportunity to compose and be recognized for their choral music.
Before the episode aired, I had asked every one that I knew to record the episode. I then asked them to freeze frame on every part of the choir. I wanted them to see what I saw, a group of people that were truly a cross section of our country.