Gobert called Green's' headlock on him "clown behavior" and said "it wasn't enough to put me to sleep."
A grand jury reportedly indicted the 24-year-old Marine veteran in connection with the chokehold death of the Black street performer on a subway train.
Penny denied he had Neely in a chokehold, claiming he was restraining him to protect others. A medical examiner said Neely died as a result of a chokehold.
Daniel Penny "knew nothing about Jordan’s history when he intentionally wrapped his arms around Jordan’s neck, and squeezed and kept squeezing.”
Ricky Bellevue lost consciousness while pinned face-first on the ground at a New York City beach, his lawyer said.
During an interview with Fox News' Harris Faulkner, the president said he didn't "like chokeholds" but that it's a "tricky situation" when cops face "a real bad person."
The supermodel's jiujitsu chokehold on "The Tonight Show" surprised the host with its effectiveness.
The sheriff in Sonoma County, California, said his deputy had been served a termination notice for the death of David Glen Ward.
“Chokehold: Policing Black Men" examines law enforcement and mass incarceration through its treatment of African American men.
A lieutenant apparently tried to reassure officers after the 2014 chokehold death of Garner. “We were effecting a lawful arrest.”