I’m going to lose her. I heard a noise from the bathroom.  The bathroom where my daughter had been happily singing the ABC
"Out of my 25 years being a cop this is my greatest and most profound accomplishment."
After a close shave, one scientist is talking up a head-down remedy.
As an ER doctor, I've seen countless patients whose lives were saved by a quick-thinking and knowledgeable bystander or loved one. We never know where life may lead -- and every single one of us can learn these life-saving techniques. (Cue ER theme music).
The woman manages a stifled "Yes, sir," as she steps out of the car. Zakoscielny instructs her to put her hands on her chest
With three hard abdominal thrusts, Gates dislodged a piece of sausage and bun, WOODTV reported. "Most of the times, traffic
For many of the athletes that have filled our screens the last couple weeks, they have a couple minutes to perform at their best and that's it. Their biggest competitor is not some athlete from another nation, it's choking.
As a fan of tennis in general (and Stephens in particular as a young, American up-and-comer), I propose that we call this timeout the Azarenka Rule. Which is probably more appropriate than fruitlessly seeking that elusive medical diagnosis known as Azarenka Syndrome.
If Tiger Woods wins the PGA Championship this weekend on The Ocean Course in Kiawah Island, S.C., they should put his given name on the trophy -- Eldrick.
McDonald's later gave an award to the staff for putting their first aid training to good use. Nevaeh had already turned blue
We can't prevent every conceivable tragedy that might strike our kids at school. But in the case of a choking, physically demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver to school food service workers as part of their regular training hardly seems burdensome.