In August, Gu was given a suspended death sentence, which effectively means a long jail term, after being found guilty of
Gun crime is rare in China as a result of tight controls over firearms. Keen to put on a show of strength after the sacking
BEIJING — When Hu Jintao, China’s top leader, picked up the telephone last August to talk to a senior anticorruption official
What began as a scandal involving the mysterious death of Neil Heywood, the British businessman whose body was found in November
Bo Xilai, the populist former Chongqing chief recently purged from China's Politburo, was a dangerous, recidivistic force in Chinese politics. His fate should be cheered. Yes, his ouster reveals the dark side of the country's cloak-and-dagger leadership.
In and of itself, a high-ranking official being dismissed in backroom party machinations is hardly a sign of improvement. Yet the event inspires hope that the more authoritarian Chongqing model is losing ground.
However divisive people's opinions are, there is one thing they have in common: they all put their hope in the Party to solve
In this highly political season, an unexpected political drama has intensified an ideological confrontation between two extreme ends of China's political spectrum. Their voices are loud. Will their tempest be allowed to disrupt China's path?
One street away from the flourishing city center, the "Shi Ba Ti" neighborhood consists of temporary street shelters filled with people left behind by the wave of prosperity crashing on Chongqing.
WSJ writes that there are no signs that Cisco's products are customized with the purpose of crime control. A Cisco spokesperson
What do Chinese artist-activist Ai Weiwei and the iconic sage Confucius have in common? They've both recently disappeared from public sight without explanation.
This is the first time that a visit to Chicago, an economically important crossroads city, has figured in the itinerary of the head of China's Communist Party.
The southern city of Chongqing is the latest area to have the national karaoke content management system, or the "Black Box
Buenos Aires, Krakow, Cambodia, Croatia -- these are just a few of the places that emerged as trendy, must-visit travel destinations
The arrests were made in the western Chinese city of Chongqing and the police chief's arrest has been seen as highly important
Here in Beijing yesterday we filed out of our office building when the earthquake hit. When I found out the quake was over 1000 miles away in Sichuan I knew it must have been bad.