Black TikTokers are highlighting how their work is co-opted by white creators, often without credit or compensation.
Kenny Ortega always saw Ryan Evans, played by Lucas Grabeel, as LGBTQ. The filmmaker ultimately decided the teen would "come out in college."
How a choreographed prom dance set to Fatboy Slim's "The Rockafeller Skank" helped define a banner year for teen cinema.
The choreographer says The Go-Go's musical is his most personal, queer-inclusive show.
The singer-choreographer says he has no qualms about expressing his authentic self through music and dance.
How tragic really, because the bigger truth is that choreographers are members of a great family, a family bound together
In his spectacular stage piece Coucou Bazar, Jean Dubuffet combined painting, sculpture, theatre, dance and music into a
"We need those female voices on stage," Rojo said in a program note. "We need all ways of expressing feeling. We need everyone
Many choreographers who participate in Luna's events are also active participants in our Professional Learning Department
Hailing from Hong Kong and New Zealand, Karen Ng has performed at The Kennedy Center, The Blue Note Jazz Club, NYC Summerstage, Shakespeare in the Park and more. She has also produced and performed her own projects.
Somehow, he and Cox were able to make a cohesive dance company from a group of artists that were physically dissimilar. He
Through how light hits a face of makeup, the detail on a costume, dancers who toil away in the studio, a ballet is born, but these artists create more than that. We're attracted to what we feel. They create feeling.
The choreography of love starts, when you firmly put your hand in your partner's hand. The real choreography continues, when you respect your partner's moves, your moves are always gentle.
color blind This summer I was in the audience for the Boston production of California choreographer Bridget Dunn's masterpiece
The skills it takes to thrive in the dance world have to come from within. Technique can be taught, but the drive, tenacity, and persistent self-promotion required to grow and maintain a dance company, or one's spot in that company, must be felt.
I love to watch rehearsals: there's just something about seeing people process, collaborate, make mistakes, and work through them. So when Sheena Annalise, director of Arch Contemporary Ballet, invited me to take a look at her company's newest work Château, I opted to see it in progress, with all the parts still coming together.
I feel almost obligated to be a Madonna fan, since I write novels about the intersection of sex and spirituality. Madonna is probably the world's leading living artist who deals with this sizzling and controversial combo.
Over a decade ago, I watched in wide-eyed fascination narrated by the familiar lilt of The Nutcracker score, tucked into a ballet studio corner transfixed--the moment that stirs inspiration. I could not imagine anything more fascinating than watching Alexei Kremnev rehearse the "older ones."