"Do parents doing their kids' laundry, keeping their room clean, etc., result in tidy people when the kids live on their
Someone should, anyway, and I'm not one to pass the buck. But the sun is bright in an autumn sky, the temperature invites
When school begins routines and schedules change and chores for kids seem last on the list of things to do. Yet you want to include chores in these routines so they are followed throughout the year without a fuss. A great way to make them work is to make them a parent-child/teen effort.
It turns out that you ARE doing the dishes because of the patriarchy.
Want to eliminate your dry-cleaning chore from your to-do list? Using a free pick-up and delivery dry cleaners will save you hours over the course of a month. Find one in your area that offers quality cleaning service, and with the free added convenience of having it picked up and hand-delivered to your front door.
When I was still single, I learned by example how this worked in the marriage of two dear friends and colleagues, Stuart
What is a busy parent to do? For more expert tips on how to get your kids involved with household chores, check out
As moms we have so much on our plates. We're busy and our family depends on us for a lot of things. That's why I've come
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