Tezcan was lucky, according to the doctors. 'Had the bullet penetrated an inch closer to a main artery, we would lose him
“Political ideologies don’t mean anything today,” said one Turkish man. “We are here for our nation.”
What this means is that simple economics could spur a positive feedback loop whereby grid electricity prices continue to
His populist rhetoric - coloured by constant use of the terms 'national will' or phrases like 'people express its response
Beyond the internal dynamics of the Kurdish movement, the past five months have inflicted traumatic wounds and memories on Turkey's increasingly divided societies, which require a radical change of collective mentalities to heal -- something the past election certainly did not provide.
ISTANBUL -- The Turkish president now has an opportunity to offer something new to Turkey, to the Middle East and to the world. A fresh approach is very badly needed.
One of the ultimate signs of the settlement of the Kurdish issue in Turkey will be the representation of the Kurds in the political centre with their own identity and demands. This may be the harbinger of such an eventuality.
"The outcome is negative," a senior CHP official said.