One of the most worrisome aspects of Turkey today is the concrete signals of individual armament as part of a fierce partisanship
“Political ideologies don’t mean anything today,” said one Turkish man. “We are here for our nation.”
This is a big change as for the first time in history consumers could actually make money for leaving the grid. An environmental
That goal seemed inevitable, given the fact that he has been facing two massive graft probes, which now extended into a legal
Beyond the internal dynamics of the Kurdish movement, the past five months have inflicted traumatic wounds and memories on Turkey's increasingly divided societies, which require a radical change of collective mentalities to heal -- something the past election certainly did not provide.
ISTANBUL -- The Turkish president now has an opportunity to offer something new to Turkey, to the Middle East and to the world. A fresh approach is very badly needed.
One of the ultimate signs of the settlement of the Kurdish issue in Turkey will be the representation of the Kurds in the political centre with their own identity and demands. This may be the harbinger of such an eventuality.
"The outcome is negative," a senior CHP official said.
Turkey is headed in a dangerous direction, toward a corrupt, authoritarian state. The country needs an Arab Spring of sorts, but within the democratic process. An electoral revolution, not a street putsch. The use of the rule of law to end an illiberal government. The ballot box must make political power accountable.
I think that the momentum for a single payer system will sweep the country . . . it will be such a huge popular issue . . . that even if it's not successful the first time, it will eventually be.
Earlier this month, a CHP investigator said that Pinnock resisted arrest by pushing Andrew, who was trying to keep her away
The see-no-evil policy of the feds toward police violence has remained constant in the past decade despite the rash of questionable police shootings and beatings of unarmed blacks and Hispanics.
The message these elections have hammered home, and here the "context" does matter, is the apparent lack of willingness on the part of these groups to continue to live together.
In southeastern Turkey, a region where 45 percent of women cannot read or write, women are making unprecedented gains. The first woman mayor of Hakkari, Dilek Hatipoglu, was elected and Fatma Toru became mayor of Konya's Meram district.
Kilicdaroglu has consistently bashed Erdogan on both domestic and foreign policy in the midst of a deepening gulf in Turkish society between secularists and Islamists that threatens more street violence.
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Vardan Aslanyan, a 29-year-old, garnered attention last week after leading the police on a chase spanning the 5, 118, 170
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